Horaiji Aichi Mikawa

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Hooraiji 鳳来寺 Horai-Ji, Aichi

愛知県新城市門谷字鳳来寺1 / 1 Horaiji, Kadoya, Shinshiro-shi, Aichi

In its background is the famous mountain 鳳来寺山 Horaijisan.

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Horai-ji located in Horai-cho, Aichi Prefecture. The temple was built in 703 by the risshuu sennin 利修仙人, the Immortal Risshu. It is sacred to Yakushi-Nyorai and is venerated as a place for curing diseases by many powerful men including Takeda Shingen, a daimyo of the 16th century, and Tokugawa Ieyasu, ruler of Japan early in the 17th century.
The influence of the temple has declined since the mid-19th century, however, when the samurai rule of Japan came to an end, with the result that only the sanctuary, Nio-mon ("Deva King Gate"), bell tower, Okuno-in (inner shrine), Ko-do (small hall), and two small annexes remain today. The approach to the temple features 1,452 stone steps lined with gigantic cedar trees. The remains of the buildings and other structures here remind visitors of the prosperity of bygone days.
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The road leading to the temple off the Tokaido was called
鳳来寺道 Horaiji-Do.

It also holds a copy of the Genji Monogatari

. sennin 仙人と伝説 Legends about Immortals .

Once Risshu Sennin practised in a cave at Horai-Ji and had to go out for a pee. A 鹿 deer licked it and became pregnant. It gave birth to a beautiful girl. The baby was placed in front of a noble family. It had only two toes on each foot, which looked like the hooves of a deer.


shuin 御朱印 stamp of the temple

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Hooraisan Tooshoogu 鳳来山東照宮 Horaisan Toshogu
and Tokugawa Ieyasu

Horaiji-4 Kadoya, Shinshiro, Aichi

Built by the third Shogun Tokugawa Iemitsu 徳川三代将軍家光公.

At the temple Horai-Ji there are special ema 絵馬 votive tablets with a mirror.

「東照(家康公)神君のお父君であられる贈大納言廣忠卿が子どものないことを憂いて、お母君であられる北の方傳通院と御一緒に鳳来寺峯薬師へ御参籠され御祈願をなされたら、その証があって、ある夜、北の方傳通院殿(於代の方)は、『東 の方より老翁が来て、金珠を与えられる』という夢を見られました。それから間もなく北の方傳通院殿が身ごもられ、12ケ月過ぎ、天文11年壬寅年(1542)12月26日に御出産遊ばされたのが東照神君でした。」

寅童子 Tora Doji

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A little "Tiger Daruma" with reference to Ieyasu
Ieyasu was born in the year of the tiger, on the day of the tiger and in the hour of the tiger.

The mother of Ieyasu, 於大の方 Odai no Kata , wanted a strong male child. So she went to the temple 鳳来寺 Horai-Ji to pray to Yakushi Nyorai. And indeed, one year later, she gave birth to a strong boy.
Strange things happen! On the day of his birth, the statue of General Shindara 真達羅大将 (緊那羅)Kinnara, one of the 12 heavenly generals around Yakushi Nyorai as retainers of Bishamonten, disappeared. This General was also called 寅童子 "Child of the Tiger" and is 寅の方角 the protector of the North and the hours of the Tiger「寅の刻」or「寅の時」from about 4 in the morning till 2 in the afternoon. (Other sources start other times: 04 am – 06 am, or higure nanatsu (sunset 7), tora no koku (hour of the tiger) or from one o'clock to five in the morning.)
Anyway, when Ieyasu died at the age of 74 in the year 1616, suddenly the statue was back in its place. So people believe that he was an incarnation of General Shindara

This new doll has been made since 2010 at this shrine 鳳来山東照宮 Horaisan Toshogu.

. Tokugawa Ieyasu 徳川家康 . (1543 - 1616) .

Tora Doji has become a favorite of the region.
It is even a part of the lunch menu!


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One of the three great Yakushi temples of Japan 日本三薬師:

. Hooraiji 鳳来寺 Horai-Ji Yakushi, Mikawa, Aichi .

. Kani Yakushi 蟹薬師 "Crab Yakushi" at 願興寺 Ganko-Ji . - Gifu

. Yamanaka Yakushi 山中薬師 - 瑠璃山医王寺 Rurisan Io-Ji . - Gifu


- Another mountain with this name, related to Matsuo Basho :

. - Hoorai san 蓬莱山 Mount Horai-San - .
Located in Shiga prefecture, Otsu town. 滋賀県大津市


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Mount Horaiji
Mt. Horaiji is introduced in the guide book called “130 mountains in Aichi Prefecture”. Mt. Horaiji is a low mountain and the highest peak is 684.2 meters above sea level in Shinshiro City. There are Horaiji temple main hall, Toshogu shrine, Deep Horaiji temple and so on in the mountain.

The whole mountain is country designation, natural beauty spot natural monument and can expect Gulf of Mikawa across Tosan river plains in the southernmost tip of Mount Horaiji old volcanic group distributed over depths Mikawa. Aged cedars grow thick, and both sides can hear voice of the Buddha, Buddhist dharma and bonze from the beginning of May when they climb stone stairway from Omotesando.

Mount Horaiji Nijo-jo Castle (Ieyasu) lines up to 35 degrees N (mother of Ieyasu) Mt. Chiba Suzaki Shrine (Yoritomo Minamoto), Kuno Toshogu (Ieyasu), Sunpu-jo Castle (Ieyasu), Akiha Shrine, Otori next temple (mother of Ieyasu), Okazaki castle (Ieyasu Tokugawa), Kariya castle, Ogawa castle. Edo-jo Castle, Mount Fuji, Mount Horaiji, Yoshinoyama, Mt. Koya-san is arranged in a straight line, too.
This line and three intersections with medial line are Mount Horaiji.
Otori next temple was founded for 703 years by rishu senjin and used three fearful gods at will. Neck of three ogres was confined in basement of the main hall of a Buddhist temple as guardian deity in quiet simplicity with hermit. Yoritomo Minamoto revived temple (Ishibutsu written, "it is with ogre bone" seemed to be discovered by all letters in 1974.), and, as temple which parents of Ieyasu conceived and prayed for, it was left building Toshogu by Sandai family to inherit the shogunate light.
There is Yuya Onsen in horai kyobanshikikawa (river where we seemed to spread gold-leaf folding screen all over) and is said to be hot water of healing.
- source : aichi-kanko.jp -


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